WUHU  – It almost feels like Summer, and I love it!  Finally the weather in Europe seem to be getting better, and yesterday I took a trip with a friend to see some beautiful Tulip fields. It was SO beautiful with all the different colors, and very Netherland’ish. Afterwards we ended the trip with a little shopping in the city Groningen – a perfect day in my book :) We brought Jordan along for the ride – and apparently Groningen is a city that doesn’t accept dogs in the city center!?! I have no idea why – but for that reason, Groningen sucks!

It is so nice to be back home again, and I’m enjoying it SO much :) Yesterday I was at the Sam Smith concert (which was unbelivable!!) Where a lot of you were interested in my outfit – So here it comes:
The pants are from ASOS – and are a little different, but I love the casual twist with the clash between jeans and shorts.  Blouse is old from H&M and Shoes & Sunglasses are from Zara – earrings are my own design ;)

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