Just wanted to show off this baby – MAN, I LOVE IT!!

The classic modern mini-backpack
Bag / LV      :      Blouse / HM      :      Pants / Acne     :     Shoes / Nike

Finally yesterday, I got around to take some picks of this lovely “Palm Springs Mini” bag. This bag is SO comfortable, and has the perfect size for me – and it can be worn in more ways than just the backpack-style. I love the casual look of it, and makes me feel a little more cool than I actually am ;)
As you can see above it also looks amazing across the shoulder with just one strap. Seriously love the style to bits, and not just because I’m really in love with everything monogram these days, haha! It’s going to be perfect for Summer, and the many hours spend outside.. Forgive me if I just made you jealous.. ;)
Have a lovely weekend everyone !

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