Making this post, while sitting in Doha Airport – waiting for a connecting flight to Copenhagen :)
Scrolling through so many nice pictures on my phone :) We have had an amazing holiday, but now I’m ready to go back home <3 This holiday has delivered, and we only had like 5 minuts of rain – the rest was pure sunshine! So I’m going back home with a nice tan, and my needs covered concerning Thai food -I could use a break! :)

Here are some pics from the last few days. We took a few trips, out to different Islands and nice beaches..  And It was amazing taking the Long Tail Boat to go sightseeing – definitely a “to do” if any of you want to go to Thailand :)

The sunsets on Koh Lanta were amazing – each day!

Koh Hong Island – amazing beach with the softest sand :D

Maya Bay – Phi Phi Islands, before they got VERY crowded – NOT funny!

My main activity – jumping in the lagoons while we were on tour ;)

Last night’s sunset from Aonang – wearing a top from “The Stone Cold Fox” .

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