Mix of it all


So, this weekend was my first time in Paris. I had many attractions on my bucket-list. But it will not be any of the attractions I remember the most from this weekend.

Paris last night – was terrifying. Nobody knew what was going on, or where it exactly was happening.
Luckily, we live close to the Eiffel Tower, and was dining last night in this district. When we got home, we were told to stay inside the hotel, and not go outside until we were told otherwise. And it was horrible, sitting in the room and watching how it got worse and worse. And we were so afraid that it was happening close to us, or maybe also could happen to us. Such a horrible, meaningless action like this, just doesn’t make any sense.

Today my thoughts goes to those who died, and their beloved ones. Today we have been walking in some nearly empty streets, and everything is closed. It makes you think about what really is important here in life.

Take care of each other. Pray for Paris.

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