Okay, so this is a post on what has been on my thoughts lately. I have read and seen a lot about the global warming, and the polution we (humans) are contributing to our planet. Quit frankly, I’m a little upset.

There was a documentary where I learned just how horrible plastic is – and how much we use plastic for everything. I took a tour in my own home, and was actually surprised and a little in chock. I have never thought just how much plastic is EVERYWHERE, and how much is for “short-term” use.

I actually think of myself as a pretty aware person, but this just blew my mind!! In my kitchen basically ALL FOODS are covered/packed in plastic. Most of our bottles (soda, ketchup, etc.) are made of plastic – and all the things I see are things that end up as waste – and quit quick! In the bathroom, my makeup are all in some sort of plastic-containers, toothbrushes (!! I have used had SO many during my life!!), (plastic) bottles of shampoo, soap etc. – and again, these are just the containers for the actual soaps that I need. I don’t need the actual container, as it will end up as trash when the soap is used..

This kept on a little while, me exploring our home and supermarked – and I am still a little in shock just how much plastic we surround ourselves with. I absolutely hate it! There simply must be a better way .. . I actually went a little crazy in the supermarket when I noticed that the organic fresh corn was stripped of its leafs .. and packed in plastic- WTF?!!

Well, enough about my revelation. It is time to step into action, how can I/All of us, do something that changes it? Well, thank you google and other peoples bright minds!  Can I just quickly say, this is not and ad or a payed post – this is me, caring & sharing!
I found SUZTAIN where you can buy great stuff that can help you out & the environment! I have already bought soaps and shampoo, toothbrushes, bio-bags and cloths! All of their products are vegan and natural – and have NO plastic. I am SO excited to try it out :)

I know for some, this might be just a little to “green” – but hey, if you actually saw the documentary on how we are treating our planet, maybe you would agree that small steps taken by everyone is a BIG step. We get absolutely nowhere by staying in the same state of mind, and Im planning on making my future children’s future not covered in waste.  Dont you agree (please agree!) ?

Hope you all had a wonderfull weekend – how about some online “green” shopping ? :) If you want to learn more, donate etc. this SAS-site is also perfect to read more about the subject. I think this is a great site – but the real contribution that YOU can do right now, is be more aware with what you buy and start thinking more about what you are leaving befind for future generations..

Peace out!

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