Finally I can show you all the new jewelry I have been working on – I’m so excited! So much work has gone into this new chapter of my small jewelry store :)  The new designs are focused on rings and earrings, something I haven’t updated in a while.
They all focus on high quality colored stones, and comes a big variation of colors and shapes. The stones used the current rings on the pictures are examples with Sapphire, Diamonds, Morganite, Aquamarine & Tourmalines. The jewelry is custom made, so I can make any special wishes or requests :) All styles are available in both 14 kt Gold & Sterling Silver.
I love the very feminine style with a lot of gold and color at the moment, and this new collection is representing that.

The jewelry is made of high quality gold and stones, but I can use stones that have a lower or higher value, and therefor the prices can be modified after the customers own wishes.

I really hope you like the collection, and I can’t wait to get some feedback from you all :) Here are some of the new items – keep a look out in the store and on instagram for further information and updates.

Gold & Silver rings with Aquamarine, Morganite, Sapphire, Diamond and Tourmaline.

14 kt solid gold ring with 5 white Sapphires and blue pear shaped Aquamarine.

14 kt solid gold ring with small Diamond & Deep Pink Pear shaped Tourmaline
14 kt solid gold ring with 5 white Sapphires and Peach colored pear shaped Morganite.

14 kt gold earrings with Watermelon Tourmaline & Silver earrings with white Sapphire & blue topaz.

Emerald cut Aquamarine earrings in silver – also available with other stones and in 14 kt solid gold.

Pair the earrings with a ring with emerald cut Aquamarine – and you have a beautiful set.


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