Titel of this post, is Coldplays amazing song – Because I have had it on my mind the whole day :D
Finally, I now found the time to make a post from our wonderful trip to Japan over New Years. We started off in Tokyo, then had 2 days in Kyoto – and then back again to Tokyo. We only had one week in Japan, but truly made the most of it.
Got in a lot of sights from the modern Metropol & the more old traditional Kyoto. I love that combination, the best from two worlds. Do you guys also like that?
I have to say that when it comes to gadgets and technology – Japan is the place. And also vintage/second hand fashion – who knew, right? I really think the Japanese people are SO fashionable and interesting!! I got so inspired being in Tokyo!

When it came to the food, Tokyo was also absolutely amazing. There are so many places that serve amazing fish, and the sushi.. amazing! That is my kind of food (I don’t eat meat). There were a lot of the soups and dishes in general with pork – so I had to stay clear of those.. which was a little difficult  – but not a problem with the many seafood options  :)

Now back to normal here in the Netherlands, where I actually miss the heated toilet seats (yes, that is a thing you should try if you haven’t! :D) and stylish Japanese people :)

Tokyo and Kyoto had so many beautiful spots, and below are some pictures from the trip.

Forever making pictures, of Daniel taking pictures.. 

 Tokyo Tower

Golden Temple in Kyoto, so magical!

New Years Eve.

Who needs 
waitors, when you have gadgets to serve you? “Flying” sushi place.

These machines were everywhere.. and I had to try. And lost. A few times.. :)

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