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Le Grande Braderie de Lille

Last Saturday I took a trip to Lille (France), to go to Europe’s biggest antique- & flea- market. I have always had a admiration for old quirky items, and love these kind of markets! It’s a great way to find something that no-one else has, and I love the whole atmosphere. Everyone is trying to find “treasures” – I’m no exception ;) So now you are maybe thinking – where can I go to find some lovely treasures? I have made a list of different big markets around Europe, so maybe it’s time for a roadtrip for you with some family or friends? It’s good idea to bring someone with you, then it’s easier to carry home the items you find ;) The list is below the pics ;)

In Lille, it was amazing how many people were gathered, not only all the sellers with stands – but also buyers !!
I drove during the night so I arrived at the market 06.30 AM, which only can be recommended!! When it was 11.00 the streets became  so over-crowded and it was hard to actually see and stop in the streets – let alone move around. I was at the marked for 9 hours, and walked 36 km during that time. First of all because the market is huge, but also because my car was parked a long way from the city center – and I had to go back and forth with my a big mirror I bought! :D
I have ALWAYS loved old stuff with character and history and I made a few good buys. I bought a big antique mirror (as shown on my instagram) which now is being restored by a professional, and I can’t wait to get it back home :) See more photos from the market and some of my buys below ;)

Two small antique gilded french frames.
French Bentwood rocking chair for my small Niece <3

List of big markets in Europe:

1. Braderie de Lille – Lille, France
1’st weekend in September every year. (sadly over for 2018)

2. Jeu de Balle Market – Brussels, Belgium
It’s open everyday throughout the year, but the vendors bring more & better items on the weekends ;)

3. Portobello Road Market – London, United Kingdom
Antique heaven with a lot of vendors!

4. Feira da Ladra – Lisbon, Portugal
Open on Saturdays (and also thursdays – but it’s bigger in the weekend)

5. Munich Flea Market – Munich, Germany
Takes place on the first Saturday in Apri, every year.

6. Puces de Saint-Ouen – Paris, France
Every Saturday & Sundays (and sometimes mondays too!)

7. IJ-Hallen – Amsterdam, Netherlands
15 & 16 September and 6 & 7 Oktober.

8. El Rastro – Madrid, Spain
Open every Sunday and on some National Holidays.

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