I have a few designs where I use the amazing baroque pearls – but the necklace pendant and the “Ingrid” earrings are absolutely perfect in my eyes. They go well for everyday, and also when you want to dress up & go out. I use them all the time myself, and even though they are unique and special – they are also very classic. They are available in solid 14 kt Gold or Sterling Silver.  If interested, my buyers are welcome to choose the pearls they want – I gladly send out pictures of selected pearls to choose from.

At the moment I’m preparing for Christmas shoppers in my store, so there will be a nice stock :) If you have any special customized ideas, now is the time to start a dialog – so it will be done in time.

Here are some pictures of my jewelry that I wanted to share. They are all available in my store.
Take a look, and don’t hesitate to get in contact about my jewelry :)



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