Honeymoon – Tuscany.

First week of the honeymoon have passed – and we still have 2 weeks more to go! This first week we spent in beautiful Tuscany – in Pisa, Florence & Siena. The landscape is so beautiful, and the curves of the hillsides and fields are truly amazing. In Siena we went up a tower, and had a perfect view of the city and the surroundings – it was so lovely! I have never been in Tuscany before, but there is a lot to see and my general impression is really good. We have enjoyed it so much, and the food has been amazing! Florence is a nice big city with great shopping. We lived a little outside Florence and had the most wonderfull view from a hillside.
Here are some pictures from our first part of our honeymoon :)

We rented a car yesterday, and are now at the Amalficoast in the city Praiano – more to come about this, in a weeks time. Now I go back to being away from the computer, and take in all the sights & breathe in the fresh air!

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