Honeymoon – Porto Cervo & Naples

This is the last post about our honeymoon! After our lovely stay at the Amalfi Coast, we went on to Sardinia and the city of Porto Cervo. Here we were for a week, and “recharged our batteries” at the beach, which was great! Our room had a wonderfull view to a small harbour, and the beach was just a few minuts away :) And the beach was great – white sand and clear water. We went into Porto Cervo a few times for shopping, which was amazing, and quite the surprise for such a small place. They had all the luxury  brands (Gucci, Prada LV, Balenciaga etc etc…) but now high-street fashion – and it gets too expensive in the end :) Still I got a nice bag from Porto Cervo ;)
We tried first time ever to have a Bellini – and now it is without a doubt my favorit drink! Have you ever had one before? Else – you HAVE to try it!! It’s with fresh peaches (at least they were when we had them) and then with champagne (or was is prosecco? :/ ).. It was SO delicious – try it when you can !!

After the week with beach days in Sardinia, we went to Naples! Naples is the birthplace of pizza – and they did not disappoint with them!! We ended our honeymoon here with some sightseeing, and lovely pizza :) The city is not that interesting to be totally honest, but for some shopping & sightseeing a few days it is great. And the airport is close by, so for us it was good when we travelled around Italy. Even though it wasn’t the most beautiful place on our trip – we still enjoyed it a lot! And we had some of the best food there too.. ah – who am I kidding – we had great food all the places we were. Italy is amazing in that way – always places with fresh and great food.

Here comes the photo’s to back up my stories ;)


Our terrace from our room :)


All dressed up for our anniversary – Dress from “Bec and Bridge”.

Amazing view from the restaurant, and the food was even better..

(When you look good while ordering Pizza <3 )

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