This month I have been some days in Amsterdam and some in Barcelona. Both places I have done some “retail therapy”, and bought some items that are perfect for any fall/winter wardrobe this season. I got some great “basic” clothes, in dark colors that I can pair with anything. Maybe it’s a bit out of character for me, to buy so much black items – but it’s only because I have “clicked home” a very special thing, that will bring me enough color for any dark outfit!  More on that to come ! ;)
The suit I’m wearing on instagram is the one pictured below from Zara, and is really nice. The check-fabric is a must for this season! I have found the links and pictures from my buys for you guys, and hope you can use it as inspiration for your wardrobe :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Links :  Blazer       Trousers


Links  :    Boots      Skirt


Links  :  Blouse    Trousers

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