CHRISTMAS IS HERE – and my shop has free returns

Christmas is officially here!! That means it’s the beginning of Christmas music around every corner, the Danish “Hygge” is spreading – and last but not least; Christmas Shopping is on! I have been stocking up my shop, and I’m ready for all of your orders :)

Sadly the post is allways under heavy work in December, and I urge you all, to do the online shopping in good time. Nothing is worse than when you are waiting, biting down your nails, not knowing if the presents you ordered will be delivered in time. 

My Customized orders can be tricky at this moment, since they take longer – but let me know what you are interested in, and let’s see if we can work out something :)

Because my shop is run with PayPal – it is now possible for buyers to return an order for free. You can read more about it << HERE >>! This makes it much easier for your guys.

I will ship out orders all days in December (only not on Sundays ;) ) and I also send with express shipping the last week before Christmas day. So don’t worry,  I got your back when it comes to your orders in my shop. The last day I would recommend to shop your online presents with the normal “cheap” post, is between the 12’th- 14’th of December. This gives you less stress with the post :)

I have a lot of different styles available – many with pearls & some lovely gemstones! I would say there is something for everyone, but hey –  that’s just me :)

Merry Christmas everyone !

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