Everyday, Mix of it all


I’m sitting with the worst cold right now while writing this. My throat feels like it’s on fire and my ears are close to exploding! After going home from Barcelona yesterday, I already expected it, and think it’s from the Aircon at our apartment :/
BUT I had the most amazing time in Barcelona with my good friend, with such great weather, food and shopping! Barcelona delivered on all levels – and I’m in love with this city! We rented an apartment close to the beach and within quick walking distance to the Rambla, really perfect for two girls :)
I will show you later this week some of the things I bought – I got some great stuff! But for now, here is a few pictures from my trip. If you are planning to go to Barcelona here are some go-to’s for food:

Breakfast/Lunch – “Brunch & Cake”  is the place to go!! We went there both mornings, and it was so amazing and good and healthy food. For dinner “El Nacional” is perfect – It’s a charming place for food & drinks and is located in the heart of the city, but on a backyard in such a beautiful building! It’s a converted parking-hall, but made so chic and lovely. Try it out !

My “partner in crime” in Barcelona <3

“Brunch and Cake”, such a great place to start the day.

“El Nacionales” – I have to go back to this place. Hopefully soon :)

Of course there was time to enjoy the weather, and with 27 degrees, we were happy! Last days that felt like summer, which is really sad!

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