A post about my last holiday in Bali is long overdue – but nevertheless, here it finally comes :)

I went away for a trip to Bali with my parents, a trip we have also done a few years back but including my sister. I went from Amsterdam, my parents came from Denmark and we met up at the airport in Bali. This was in the beginning of March, and the heat was SO welcome, not to speak of the sun!! I mean, it still is .. :)

We stayed in two different locations. First the cozy city Ubud, with rainforest & rice fields all around. Later we went to the beach in Nusa Dua – for the sea and sun..

The first days we spent with starting our days in the sun – mostly because the forecast said rain everyday after 12.00 (which was more or less true). We spend time going through the city center, checking out shops and restaurants. This is a place for anyone who loves yoga, meditation and good healthy food – and it has such a cool & easy atmosphere. The shops have really nice things, and not just tourist souvenirs.
Last time I was in Bali, my parents bought a wooden globe, I have been very jealous ever since.. so this time around I bought my own (see picture below), and I think it is so nice and special. Something you can find only here in Bali :)
We have been in the “monkey forest” before, and since our time was more limited, we didn’t go this time around – but we got to see a fair share of monkeys anyway – since they often take a swing around the main road. No need to say I love that fact, and wish I could have spent more time inside the Monkey Forest
We also took a bikeride, to tour around the jungle, ricefields and coffee- & tea-plantations. This was a one of the highlights on my time in Ubud, since we got a fresh breeze while biking around the beautiful scenery.
There was a lot of rain in the afternoons and some evenings (it was rain-season, so it is very normal), so we used that time reading and getting massages.. not a bad situation to be in :)

Nusa Dua
After our days in Ubud, it was time to go on  – and we felt SO lucky because from the moment we arrived at the hotel in Nusa Dua  – the sun came out – blasting away! We spent our last days in Bali by the beach, reading under the palm trees, swimming and paddle-boarding  and enjoying every second! And some ice-creams at the beach is my receipy for a perfect day.
Nusa Dua was a perfect way to end our vacation in Bali.

Pictures from Bali :

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